Be your own person

I’ve been really down for the last few weeks. Dealing with the loss of a loved one is never easy. You’re never ready to let them go, to accept that their part in your life is over and that it was destined for them to leave. After all, they were only human and hence susceptible to death.

Perhaps that is one basic flaw in humanity. We’re not immortal and that is the only reason we must learn to make the best of every day while we are alive.

Carpe Diem, my best friend would say to  me whenever he’d notice that I had crawled back into my mind and let the cavern of misery hold me prisoner for the day. I’d never understand the philosophy behind it until now.

You got to make the most of your time while you’re breathing and in (pseudo) control. On bad days, like mine, love yourself the way you love the people in your life; forgive yourself the way you forgive your friends for not being able to understand how much you need them during the rough patch that you’ve hit, and understand that you’re capable of making mistakes because you’re only human. There’s only so much you can do on your own.

And sometimes that is just enough to keep you going. So, today, if you’re not feeling well, and the grey cloud won’t stop raining down your doorstep, take a break.

Sit down, take a deep breath. Make yourself some coffee and surround yourself in a cozy blanket with a few pillows. It’s alright that you’re alone or that you feel lonely. You don’t have anyone to talk to at the moment or you feel like you’re gonna disturb them with your troubles: take a deep breath.

Pause. Close your eyes. You have you. Tell it to yourself, even if it means saying out loud. You have your back, and you got this. This is a difficult time and you’re going to get through it.

Smile at yourself. You’re beautiful; you are enough. Remind it to yourself time and again, because life is busy and we often forget that we matter too.

We owe that to ourselves.


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