73 Reasons To Not Harm Yourself by Kati Morton

1. It can leave scars

2. The release is only temporary

3. It will “lock” my feelings up

4. Afterwards, I will feel ashamed

5. I don’t “need” it

6. I want to stay clean

7. I’m not a bad person

8. I don’t deserve it

9. I don’t want to keep doing this forever

10. I’m not completely sure why I want it

11. Schoolwork isn’t THAT important

12. I want to make myself proud

13. I know I am strong enough not to do it

14. P.E.

15. It’s not worth it

16. I’m not a bother

17. I’m not “bad”

18. No one would want me to do something like that

19. I want to get better

20. I want the rewards I came up with for not self-harming

21. I want my “plan” to work

22. If I do it now afterwards I’ll feel bad, because then “nothing” would really work. I don’t know what else to do.

23. I’m trying to build myself up, not tear me down.

24. Be kind to yourself

25. I can choose not to do it

26. It’ll be summer soon

27. I don’t want anyone to find out

28. I want to make the people around me proud

29. A year from now, this situation won’t matter

30. I don’t want to cut too deep and need to get stitches

31. I want to be happy

32. I want to learn better ways to cope

33. It won’t change anything except give me scars

34. I want to be able to wear shorts without feeling extremely vulnerable

35. What happened to me was not my fault

36. I deserve to be treated with kindness

37. I want to achieve goals I set for myself

38. It will make me more secretive and probably lie and I don’t want that

39. It will set me apart from my peers because I won’t be able to share this

40. I’ve done it a lot of times already

41. It’s a bad thing to hurt yourself

42. The longer you go without it, the easier it gets to resist

43. I would feel “stuck” if I do it

44. I’m better than this

45. I don’t want to depend on something (like this)

46. I want to be able to go swimming

47. I want to be able to wear dresses

48. I can’t have the risk of kids seeing it (I work with kids)

49. It’s childish behaviour because you “have” to act on it immediately and you don’t think of consequences

50. I may have the scars for the rest of my life

51. I don’t want to have to be really alert while changing

52. I don’t want to have to explain to a partner

53. I don’t want my kids, if I ever have them, to think that it’s okay to hurt yourself

54. I want to be a good role model for my brothers

55. If I’m angry: I don’t deserve that anger, the person causing it does!

56. I don’t find scars beautiful

57. I’ll have to talk about it

58. I have people around me who care about me (If you don’t, you have Kati and me!)

59. I am not defined by my achievements

60  If I want to punish myself, why would I deserve the release?

61. Even my cat wants to help me not to do it

62. To not have painful showers

63. To have no sleepless nights because it hurts

64. To spend my body’s energy on better stuff

65. To avoid dissociation

66. Because I won’t feel like this forever

67. I’ve resisted before

68. The more you do it the injuries get more serious

69. So I can sleep in my underwear in summer

70. So I become a success story

71. So I can prove everyone that told me that I’m bad and stupid and that I should kill myself wrong!

72. To show everyone that hurts themselves that you can overcome this

73. Because at the end of the day I know I want to stop

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