Gratitude is essential for peace of mind

We live our lives in haste. Too often our needs are slowly and gradually replaced by our wants. We want new clothes because some actor wore them and they look classy or a new hairdo because a fashion model wore her hair that way. We stop for groceries and our eyes wander away to aisles across the stores labelled in bold with Versace or Victoria’s Secret and we crave to own them. Every year we race to change our cell phones. We compare between the latest iPhones and Samsung Galaxies as if owning expensive gadgets and stocking our homes with designer material would actually make us happy or turn us into better people.

Pause and think about where are we going with our lives. Bigger isn’t better. New is not always best. The choice is yours. We mask our lives with things to make people like us. The question is, who are you without your expensive denim? And why do you care if people can’t see what’s underneath that mascara of yours? Is that person even worth your time from whom you spend hours in front of the mirror? The person who would notice if one of your eyelashes isn’t properly trimmed but would never get a hint at how heavy your heart has been from hearing the news on television all day long.

Today, I ask all of you to reflect on the life choices you make. Stop making demands and putting yourself in stress. Take a moment to realize that being alive is the greatest gift of all. And be grateful. Even if you don’t have anything to eat, be thankful you have a breath to take. If you don’t have a job, be thankful that you woke up to have another day to look for it.

Being grateful is hard in the face of adversity but it’s the better of the two choices you have when things are going south. You can either let the wind sink your ship or you can raise your sails high and dance amidst the storm. Either way, the experience of it will either make you or break you, but gratitude will always give you wings to fly again one more time. ♥

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