Protect the people you love

''I'm a protector. It means that if we fight and screw up badly, even if you hate me or wrong me one way or the other, I'll still stand by you and protect you.I will not forget your wrongdoings but I will also not forget all the things you did right and I will try... Continue Reading →


I remember this moment. Cousin (11 yr old) trying to take the photo: Make that stud pose. Me: What is it like ? Cousin: IDK. Do what all the guys with heavy bikes do! Me: (After a few poses and heavy embarrassment) Let's just call me a nerd, kay? Cousin: You'll never get a girlfriend 

Contest Time! Win a Free Editing Service

A Writer's Path

It’s contest time everyone!

Lopt & Cropt Editing has generously donated two prizes for this contest. One is win-able by A Writer’s Path Writers Club members and the other by anyone.

Lopt & Cropt Editing is Sarah Pesce, a freelance editor who works with authors ready to reach their publishing happily ever-afters. She loves helping writers – and their stories – achieve their full potential. Visit for more info on her services.

Here are the prizes:

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An excerpt from Eternal

Here's one of the chapters from my new book. I'm looking for your #feedback. I hope you'll like it.   And every time he smiles, it feels like the first snowfall of winter, the first drop of water before the rain drenches you on a hot summer’s day, sunlight that hits your face in the... Continue Reading →

I hurt myself loving you

They come, they act like they care, they mug you of your dreams, your happiness, your self-worth and when you're left all but a husk, they leave marking you as another one of their victims. Their trail continues one after the other, but what they don't see is the life they left behind -  completely... Continue Reading →

I'm just sitting here crying on my rooftop and it's almost midnight. The fact that one can be made to believe that they're loved and then brutally forsaken just because they weren't good enough. What is love then? Having a perfect body to stimulate sexual desire? I thought love was all about understanding each other,... Continue Reading →

Stop promoting aggressive masculinity

This is #stereotyping and #sexism at its best. This is fucking wrong! And it’s the kind of attitude that inhibits a man from asking help, making him weak in the eyes of fucked up individuals!! STOP PROMOTING THIS SHIT!! A wolf is incapable of higher cognitive functioning giving this picture an entire different explanation of SURVIVAL rather than MISJUDGED... Continue Reading →

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