Just a bad dream

I love you more than tea or books, or the smell of rain in the sand. There's a word for that. It's called petrichor. Not for the love that I had for you. That I still have for you. The word is meant for the smell of the rain, but that's irrelevant for the moment. … Continue reading Just a bad dream

Identifying Narcissistic Triangulation

Dr. Eric Perry

By Dr. Perry, PhD

What does it take to have a healthy relationship? Whether it is in love, friendship, work relationships or family relationships, they all need mutual respect in order to thrive. One of the reasons narcissists are not able to have healthy relationships is because they do not respect people. To the narcissist, people exist solely for their benefit. They need a steady and constant supply of attention, approval, admiration, adoration and worship to feel alive and to prop up their weak egos and unstable self-worth. In a sense, they are addicted to being the center of attention. Their fragile egg shell egos are only held together by a steady and constant narcissistic supply. The narcissist needs people to feed on in order to exist. Individuals are interchangeable and easy to replace, like a pair of shoes. When the narcissistic supply from one source drys up they will…

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