Technology is my mistress and I must obey

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I'm having exams since the last few weeks and trust me, they are no joke! And then we have classes as well along the way, with yesterday being the submission detail for an essay on 'Is technology making us feel more isolated everyday.' I finalized and sent my entry 2 minutes before 12 AM, spoke … Continue reading Technology is my mistress and I must obey

This is the cell

With the beginning of new year started my journey into medical school and boy I was in for a surprise. Not only is the teaching methodology different, but the entire perspective of how 'Engineering is the most difficult of the disciplines of natural sciences.' fails miserably. I remember my first year of Engineering School like … Continue reading This is the cell

Skylar Grey – Everything I Need I started this year with you. Please, don't make me end it without you. We both know we are meant to be and I feel extremely heartbroken that you are just pushing me away instead of talking things through. But deep inside you know that too. It's not easy to wake up every morning … Continue reading Skylar Grey – Everything I Need