The Inclusion of Religion in Scientific Education in Pakistan

I get that God made this universe and some very respectable Muslim scientists were behind inventions that modernized the world. But that's just about it. What have we done as a collective humanitarian effort other than fight? Our textbooks are full of Quranic verses. SCIENCE TEXTBOOKS! I simply cannot understand the reason? At one place … Continue reading The Inclusion of Religion in Scientific Education in Pakistan

This is the cell

With the beginning of new year started my journey into medical school and boy I was in for a surprise. Not only is the teaching methodology different, but the entire perspective of how 'Engineering is the most difficult of the disciplines of natural sciences.' fails miserably. I remember my first year of Engineering School like … Continue reading This is the cell

Skylar Grey – Everything I Need I started this year with you. Please, don't make me end it without you. We both know we are meant to be and I feel extremely heartbroken that you are just pushing me away instead of talking things through. But deep inside you know that too. It's not easy to wake up every morning … Continue reading Skylar Grey – Everything I Need