Vaginas Don’t Endorse Masculinity

This post is for all the girls, women, ladies, and those who identify with the pronoun ‘her’. But most specifically this is for all those women who are part of our society. The society that is masochistic and patriarchal to the core.

Of course its sickening and sad to see that we’re no better than animals in the wild, feeling superior to the fairer sex when nothing is as fragile as the male ego. And as sad as it is, you have been victimised and made slaves of us men. Slaves, strangled in invisible chains of duty and servitude. Those hailing from the Eastern part of the world can very well relate to it.

Break free.

How many of you were not allowed to live up to your dreams? Choose the field you wanted to study? Held back in your career because you had breasts and somehow industrialization demands a penis. SMH.

Understand that I feel angry and overwhelmed when I see women strapped in invisible chains, failing to realize their potential. Unfortunately, the way young girls are brought up, their whole lives revolve around pleasing their male peers. First the father, then the brother, then the husband and then the children. None of whom realize or respect or feel indebted towards the years the women of their houses have wasted on them.

I use the word waste because men hardly have a ‘Thank you for making me successful in life’ on their lips for the women in their life. As I mentioned in the earlier posts, gratitude is the key.

My heart rages with sadness when I see young girls taking over pop media icons and running after boys who don’t even know how to treat girls with respect. And I want to yank these girls up. Shake them up and ask them what’s wrong with them?
Why do they refuse to open their eyes to a world that’s filled with endless possibilities!

Stop waiting for true love! Stop chasing guys! I want to stay stop applying tons of makeup but that’s a personal choice. But at least if you do that, do it for yourself, not to attract a man who wouldn’t give two fucks after getting the package most men are after. I’m sorry for being blunt but someone has to break the bubble. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a blond or brunette. Your hair colour has nothing to do with your intelligence. Nor does the size of your boobs reflect how much of a woman you are.

Anyone can fall in love and feel invincible; pick up a scalpel and go save a life. Build something, invent what you’ve always wanted to see, innovate, teach, become an astronaut. Just go and do what you’ve always wanted to do and don’t let the men rule you. Don’t let sex distract you from real love and intimacy that you all deserve. Don’t sell yourself short and never settle for anything less than you deserve. 💜

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