A few lines by David Nicholls on loneliness

Independence is the luxury of all those people who are too confident, and busy, and popular, and attractive to be just plain old lonely. And make no mistake, lonely is absolutely the worst thing to be. Tell someone that you've... Continue Reading →

Too often we find ourselves locked into an argument with the people we care about the most. And generally we do so, in many cases, out of immense need to make them feel and understand our point of view. And... Continue Reading →

We all seem to hate old things because they become obsolete; old people because they have nothing new to say except jabbering about stuff that doesn't make sense anymore; old places because they remind us of all the things that... Continue Reading →

An unapologetic goodbye to the first person who broke my heart

I will always love you no matter what, no matter how things go, no matter where life takes me - I have come to realize that some people can remain in the heart but not in our lives. It is better this... Continue Reading →

Not too long ago, I came face to face with an issue that has always disturbed me, yet I had never thought about others like me that go through it on a daily basis. It was just another day, and... Continue Reading →

I've been really down for the last few weeks. Dealing with the loss of a loved one is never easy. You're never ready to let them go, to accept that their part in your life is over and that it... Continue Reading →

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